If you’ve ever been on a road or in an airport, then you may be familiar with asphalt tarmac. It’s a strong, durable surface that enables good grip and offers a high-quality finish to the surface.

It’s made with a mixture of a petroleum product, aggregate like stone, and fillers. The asphalt tarmac material has been used in paving applications for dozens of years and can stand up to heavy vehicles and large loads.

What Is Tarmac?

Asphalt tarmac is a type of road surface. It consists of a petroleum product, fillers, and aggregate like rocks or stones.

It has been used for surfacing roads and driveways for decades now. It has been a popular option for paving surfaces because of its toughness and durability.

Tarmac, or tarmacadam, was invented by Edgar Purnell Hooley in 1902. He found a way to stabilise old macadam road surfaces without generating too much dust.

What Is Bitmac?

Bitmac, or Asphalt tarmac, is a form of road surfacing that has replaced Tarmac as the most popular choice. It is a black, hard-wearing surface that has an attractive, smooth, and uniform appearance.

It is a durable surface, but a little more expensive than Asphalt, and can last for about 10-15 years before resurfacing is required. Typically, it is used as a top coat or base layer for driveways, pathways and parking lots that would not see the same level of traffic as motorways, public roads or car parks.

What Is Tarmacadam?

Tarmac is a road surfacing material. It is a blend of tar and aggregate or crushed stone particles and can be used on roads, driveways and car parks.

Originally named Macadam, this type of paving is made by layering crushed stone on top of tar in three layers, each smaller than the last, and compacted with a roller. It is a strong and durable surface that can be made water resistant and gives a good grip as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Asphalt is a similar surface to tarmac, but instead of a tar-based mixture, it uses bitumen (a by-product of the oil industry). This is a highly viscous form of petroleum and is more cost effective to buy and install than tar.

Both tarmac and asphalt are highly durable surfacing products that can last for decades. They are also both quick to install and cure, which can help to reduce downtime and labour costs for a business or homeowner.

Asphalt Companies

Roadwork companies that lay, resurface, and create asphalt tarmac can be hired to restore public and private roads, as well as driveways, gardens, and any other surface that is made up of this material.

It is important to hire a reputable roadwork company to carry out these works, to ensure maximum efficiency and optimal safety. You can research online the best roadwork companies in your area to fix, maintain, and create your ideal groundwork at affordable prices by reading reviews, case studies, testimonies, and listening for word-of-mouth.