Climbing Mountains

Tibet, in the Chinese Autonomous Region of Tibet is a land with unique characteristics. High altitude, Buddhist monasteries, spirituality, Mount Everest: these are the first things that come to mind when thinking about a trip to Tibet. It could be defined as the top of the world, from which you can observe everything from a totally new perspective. A trip to Tibet gives indelible memories.

For the people of Tibet, religion is very important and has a profound influence on all aspects of their life. The dominant religion is Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetans love snow-capped mountains, lakes and white color. They believe that in snowy areas there is a deity in each mountain and a dragon in each lake, and that even rocks have a spirit. They think that, by circling the sacred mountains and lakes, their sins can be atoned for, thus being able to reach nirvana.

For them, pilgrimage is the journey that leads from ignorance to enlightenment. Because of this belief, pilgrims can be seen circling the sacred mountains and lakes throughout the year. While on a pilgrimage, most of them walk, there are some pilgrims who are so devoted that they prostrate themselves at intervals along the way. They sing their prayers as they walk and prostrate. A pilgrimage takes dozens of days, some even more than a year.

Recommended Equipment

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Safety Tips For New Climbers

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Guide to the Highest Mountain in the World

The best time to climb Mount Everest is in early May, before the monsoon season. May, June, September and October are the ideal months to go to Mount Everest, without much rain and cold.

Mount Everest - Nepal and Tibet

With its 8,848m is the most sought-after peak to climb. Together with other eight thousand is part of the Himalayan mountain range and is the Seven Summit of Asia (the 7 highe...