Mount Everest, the highest peak on Earth

With its 8,848m is the most sought-after peak to climb. Together with other eight thousand is part of the Himalayan mountain range and is the Seven Summit of Asia (the 7 highest mountains of each continent).

He was given this name in honor of Sir George Everest who, in the service of the British crown, worked for many years as head of British geographers in India. Everest is shaped like a pyramid, with three walls and is located on the border of Nepal and Tibet. The border line passes along the west and south-east ridges so the south-west face is Nepalese.

The first attempt to climb the peak dates back to 1921 but the expedition was unsuccessful. Only in 1953 did humans reach the summit of the mountain for the first time.

The biggest danger factor as climbers go up the the mountain is that the amount of oxygen is reduced and the body is exposed to an ever higher risk of running into a number of problems, such as pulmonary edema, edema cerebral and embolism.

mount everest himalayan

For this reason, many mountaineers who climb Everest use oxygen cylinders to reduce the effects of altitude. But even with tanks, the ascent can be difficult because they are heavy to carry and, if the tank runs out before reaching the top, the body may not be able to adapt to the sudden lack of oxygen. Climbing Everest without the aid of oxygen was considered an impossible feat but in 1978 Reinhold Messner climbed to the top with Peter Habeler without cylinders. Many turned up their noses and accused them of having used them in secret, but Messner is not there and the following year he makes an epic feat: he reaches the summit alone and without oxygen, silencing the controversy.

Everest’s popularity grew as international guide groups began undertaking commercial expeditions to the summit. Despite the risks, accidents and numerous failed missions, Everest continues to attract hundreds of people every year, perhaps because man has always dreamed of reaching the roof of the world to look at the earth from the highest point of view that we have be.