One of the most dangerous types of sports is mountaineering, and there are many different reasons why this sport can be so dangerous. First of all,  most of those injuries result from slipping on a rock or falling. Then of course you have the dangers of wild animals getting into your path and attacking you (which is very common in some parts of the world).


Another dangerous type of sport is motor-bicycle racing. Not only do you have the risk of having an accident due to bad weather, but there is the risk of being injured in an accident caused by your own negligence. For instance, if you are racing along and you miss the tee box, you can fall out of the cart, break your leg, or even become paralyzed from a broken femoral artery. While you may be very focused on winning the race, these are things that you don’t really think about, and when they happen they can be very devastating to your career or overall life. Therefore, motor-bike racing should be carefully considered before you get involved.


You should understand that every type of sport carries a little risk. Just remember that the risk is not only present when you are participating in the activity itself, but also when you are practising and learning how to do it. There is a lot of research and studies conducted in sports and exercise science, which can be used as a guide on how to keep yourself safe. Regardless of the type of sport, you should always consider the risk involved before you decide whether to participate or not. Remember, injuries in sports are very common and you are not immune to them, so it is better to play it safe than sorry. In the end, it doesn’t matter how much money you have to lose; as long as you are ready to face the consequences, you are going to be alright.