Extreme climbing competitions from around the world are a brilliant way in which climbing can be enjoyed by much larger audiences worldwide. Climbing is a sport which attracts people from all over the world and the more exposure that it gets the better.

Why Is Climbing Becoming More Popular?

there are plenty of different reasons as to why climbing is becoming more popular. One of the main reasons why climbing is becoming more popular is the amount of exposure it is getting in the media. The more climbing is featured in the media, the more people may be attracted to this unique high intensity sport.  Extreme climbing in particular is a niche that has opened up its doors to people from across the globe.

Large businesses such as Red Bull have helped to sponsor and arrange large scale events. These events help to improve and facilitate brand awareness as well as attracting people to climbing and the many different kinds of health benefits that it can bring.

Climbing In Schools

Another way in which climbing is becoming more popular is through promotion in schools. Climbing is being promoted more widely in schools. This is because climbing is becoming more popular as a sport. And also more athletes are choosing to make visits to schools in order to promote the sport and the different benefits that it can bring.  This has led to the development of a wide range of climbing based activities  in schools across the UK

What does it take to benefit from doing this activity? Well, the most obvious benefit is probably the workout benefits. If you are able to climb stairs then you will have an increased ability to get your cardio vascular system and other muscles working to help you burn calories. Climbing stairs is a great way to increase your overall muscle strength and also improve your balance. These are the same benefits that can be had from weight training as well.

But, it has also been discovered that climbing stairs has health benefits that were previously not known or recognized. The climbing process improves your circulation by drawing the fluids up to the heart. This improved circulation can help you control high blood pressure and other heart conditions. It can also improve your lung capacity, which makes it easier for you to breath.

Final Thoughts

If you like running, biking or ride a bike you may already know that these types of exercise are great for your overall health. But, climbing can offer you a great way to combine these beneficial exercises with a workout that also works the rest of your body. By focusing on strengthening all of your muscles you will be able to work each muscle group in the exercise without actually putting too much pressure on any single muscle group.

One thing you need to be careful of when doing exercise such as this is not to do too much at once. You should start out with just two to three sets of eight to sixteen stairs each time you climb two steps. As your body starts to warm up, it can become a good idea to increase the number of stairs you can climb in one set. You should gradually increase the number of sets you do of exercise like this every week until you have reached your desired goals. Overall, the workout benefits of climbing stairs can be great and the workout you get from doing this will help you stay fit and healthy.